St. Paddy’s Golf Shamble

St. Paddy’s Golf Shamble | Saturday, March 14

12 PM Start | $25 Members, $45 Guests

Join us for golf, green beer & the luck o’ the Irish at our St. Paddy’s Golf Shamble!  🌈
Entry includes golf as well as Hidden Trails’ famous gourmet hot dog buffet following play.

Rules for Play

3-person team, 2 Teams per Tee Box (no handicap but flighted).
Everyone tees off, selects the best shot, then everybody plays his/her own ball until holed. The best 2 scores are taken on each hole (write gross scores by names, total low 2 scores at bottom of the card).
Green Shirt or Pants to Advance.
Those who wear green pants or shirts (and meet dress code), shall tee off on forward tees (1 set forward, ex. Blue to White, etc.). Ladies will have special advanced tees 15 yards closer. Tee Off on the Tees You Normally Play (Group Governed) Unless Wearing Green (1 up)
Luck of the Irish Ball (Included)
Each team will be given a ball with a green clover. For each hole, one person in the group must use that ball from tee to green. That same ball will travel from person to person and rotate every hole. So you will play with that ball every three holes. If you return with that ball after 18 holes, you will get to trade a par for your 4 worse individual scores (if it goes OB or in the creek it is gone, you cannot retrieve it).
Luck of the Draw (100% Goes to Total Winners Pot)
After the round, each team can pay $10 to enter the Luck of the Draw game. Tickets for Holes 1-9 and 10-18 are placed in a fishbowl, a lucky lady will draw one ticket from each side. The holes drawn on each side will allow the team to trade par for the score on that hole (if helpful).


$10 per Ticket. Hit the green and go into the pot. A winner will be drawn after the round to receive 75% of the funds in Pro Shop credit. 25% goes to closest to the pin in pro shop credit.

Sign up today! – Sign up in the Pro Shop or text Wade at (405) 401-6227